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Store rules and Policies

Please don't bring food or drinks with you. This includes water.

Bracelets and rings can snag a dress, please remove them before trying on the gowns.

Whenever possible, please  allow our staff to help you zip  the gown.   Don't try to force a gown to zip or fasten.This can cause unnecessary damage to our dress, and embarrassment to you, as we have had to "rescue" girls from dresses before.

ALL dresses run approximately smaller than your regular clothes! Due to the fact that dresses tried on too small can strain and or break our zippers you must understand you can not try on dresses smaller than your size! Our sales associates and management will determine if certain size dresses can't be tried on

Laying gowns on the floor or draping them over a chair increases the chance of snagging the material or damaging the beading. Please place the gown back on the hanger and hand it out to a staff person to return to the salesfloor.

Bring Mom or a friend to help you shop, but please don't bring more than three people with you. Space is limited, and a big party has many opinions which can be distracting to you making a choice.

Share the dressing rooms. Select up to 6 gowns to try on. Then let someone else try on their gowns while you select more.  This rule is loosely enforced, however on busy weekends it is absolutely necessary.

We do not hold dresses. If you think you love it, put it on layaway or buy it before someone else does. Far too many times when girls come back for the dress, it has already sold.

All sales are final, and not refundable. We are a specialty store, not a department store.

Layaway is available with 25% down.  Remember layaway is a purchase not a hold. All layaway payments are non-refundable and cannot be applied to anything else in the store. Layaway is not available on discounted dresses. They must be paid in full at time of purchase.

Arriving close to our closing time? We apologize in advance, but we do not allow dresses to be tried on less than 30 minutes to our closing hours. Please plan accordingly and visit us when you have more time to shop.